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Welcome to our site, we are back up and running after losing our last webpage with ALL its contents, years of holiday's and caching adventures, events, photos and everything from when we lived in oz, all out the window. 
The reason for the website is 'show and tell' on what we 'seek and find' (lol) in other words we 
have found the obsession called geo-caching. Its hidden treasure (so to speak) that we seek and can be found all over the world. The tools of the trade are a GPS. You enter the co-ordinates and attempt to find the cache.

There are different types of caches starting with the Traditional Cache, Multi cache, Project A.P.E., Mystery
also an Event, Trash in Trash out cache, trackables and Virtuals, are just a few. 
The best caching adventures are in oz, they take you to all sorts of places and the boundries that we cross andcertaintly wouldnt think of doing. From caching in the bush amoungst snakes and creepy crawlies to the odd places where you have to get into, a spot of nocte'caching occasionally even in cemeteries, 
all for caching.

Follow us to the different places,we are the hunters and collectors. hear the different terminology that is used, see the fun and crazy things us kiwiz @ GZ get up too, all to get to Ground Zero "GZ" and retrieve the hidden cache!This does come with a warning.There will be 'spoiler imformation' on some caches, so browse @ your own risk, if you dont like it dont look, simple as that!

Heres a favourite..

This cache is in Queensland (Aussie). It was sooo funny, I wanted to find the cache first, i ran up to the garden and put my hand straight in and pulled this out.. As you can see the damm spider was just as big and that is a baby.. it was its own personal gaurdian! The man from the house came running out as there was a LOT of screaming and swearing to be heard. He thought i had been bitten by a snake. (apparently there has been one in the garen for a couple of days).

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