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Warning.. some pics/articles may contain 'spoiler' information.

We have found the obsession called geo-caching. Its hidden treasure (so to speak) that we seek and can be found all over the world. The tools of the trade are a GPS or smart phone. You enter the co-ordinates and attempt to find the cache.
There are different types of caches starting with the Traditional Cache, Multi cache, Project A.P.E., Mystery, also an Event, Trash in Trash out cache, and Virtual are just a few.

Follow us to the different places, hear the different terminology that is used, see the fun and crazy things us kiwiz @ gz get up too, all to get to  'GZ' (Ground Zero) to retrieve the hidden cache!

We are the Hunters and Collectors.

Move cursor over pic to get to

Who knows you might end up caching the bug, just remember only take photos and leave nothing but footprints.

Till next time
Carry on caching

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